HASGARA offers different kinds of painting or coating services. This painting services consist of Protective Coating, Rust Protection Coating, Decorative coating, Heat Resistant Coating and Heavy-Duty Coating.

  • Protective coating which HASGARA provide are grit blasting and coating of piping, tank lining, steel structures and all kinds of construction steel for both new project and maintenance purposes. This includes coating of pump, engines, engines, compressors, and other equipment.
  • Rust Protection Coating Hasgara is based on bitumen base. This coating provides outstanding cathodic protection needed for almost all structural steel pipes situated underground. It is the least complex coating process, making it suitable for casing pipes like in road bor. It is also regarded as one of the least expensive ways to provide cathodic protection to pipes.
  • In order to enhance the visual appeal of your products, Hasgara offers Decorative Coating. This decorative coating consists of water base and solvent base. Our decorative coating service offers coating solution for interior, exterior, wood and metal.
  • Hasgara Heat Resistant Coating solutions are suitable for objects that are exposed to high temperatures such as pipelines, exhaust pipes, heat shields, stoves, grills and fireplaces chimneys.
  • Heavy Duty Coating