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Bituminous is a type of material that is often used in industry as a protective layer, especially in the context of protection from corrosion or rust. The anti-rust function of Bituminous is to protect metal surfaces from the oxidation process which causes rust to form.

Bituminous functions as an active protector by forming a dense layer that covers the metal surface. This prevents direct contact between the metal and air and water, which is the main condition for corrosion.

Because it is not soluble in water, bituminous tends to reduce water penetration into metal surfaces. This helps prevent conditions that allow rust to form.

Bituminous has good resistance to external environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature, humidity, and chemicals. This makes it a good choice for outdoor applications where metal is susceptible to corrosion.

Bituminous’ flexible nature allows it to adapt to dimensional changes or structural movements that may occur on the metal surface. This helps prevent cracks or leaks that could cause corrosion beneath the protective layer.

Bituminous can be used in a variety of applications, from coating building roofs and protecting underground pipes to repairing marine vessels. This demonstrates its flexibility in providing anti-rust protection in a variety of industrial contexts.

Bituminous application is generally quite easy and maintenance costs are relatively low. This makes it easier for companies or individuals to maintain continuous anti-rust protection on their metal surfaces.