The Importance of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Mar 28, 2024

The quality of Diesel Exhaust Fluid plays a very important role in maintaining vehicle efficiency and reliability. Choosing DEF or AdBlue® is a crucial step to keep diesel engines performing optimally and environmentally friendly. Low-quality AdBlue® can cause a decrease in SCR efficiency in reducing NOx emissions. This can result in the vehicle not meeting emission standards and lead to fines or even a ban on operation. Low-quality AdBlue® can contain contaminants that can damage SCR system components, such as sensors, pumps, and catalysts, and can lead to clogged filters and injectors, as well as decreased power and acceleration.

Buying cheaper AdBlue may help reduce costs initially, but can actually lead to costly problems later on, including:

  • Higher pollution levels
  • Pressure buildup
  • Decreased fuel economy

Things to Consider in Choosing AdBlue®

  1. Standard Conformance: Make sure the AdBlue® you buy meets the ISO 22241 standard. This standard defines the specifications that AdBlue® must meet, including the right urea concentration and the absence of contaminants that can damage the SCR system. Inquire about urea and water purity as well. Both substances are essential in making sure that your DEF adheres to strict standards set by API and ISO 22241.
  2. Source and Credibility: Choose AdBlue® from a trusted and reputable supplier in the industry. Avoid buying AdBlue® from unclear or untested sources, as the quality may be questionable. Make sure the supplier’s products are certified.
  3. Proper Storage: AdBlue® is susceptible to contamination if not stored properly. Make sure to store AdBlue® in a clean and airtight container to prevent the ingress of dust or dirt that may impair its quality.
  4. Check the expiration date: Make sure the AdBlue® you bought is within the expiration date. Expired AdBlue® may lose its effectiveness.
  5. Periodic Testing: Conduct periodic testing of the AdBlue® you use to ensure its quality is maintained. This can be done through a laboratory or using specialized testing kits available in the market.

In conclusion, the quality of AdBlue® has a significant impact on diesel engine performance and environmental compliance. Choosing a credible AdBlue® is an important step in maintaining engine efficiency, protecting components and ensuring environmental compliance. By paying attention to the above, you can ensure optimal use of AdBlue® and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.