Hasgara: Obtaining Adblue ® License, Ready to Clean Diesel Engine Exhaust Gas in Indonesia

Mar 19, 2024

Rama Nugraha and Genta Ginanjar as Founder, Co-Founder and Owner of PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana have made history by becoming the first German brand holder of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) products in Indonesia, namely AdBlue®. This product makes the exhaust gas of diesel engine vehicles more environmentally friendly.

Rama and Genta along with the Hasgara team have been developing this DEF product for the previous three years. The dream is how Hasgara becomes one of the pioneers of DEF manufacturing in Indonesia and becomes superior among its competitors.

PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana obtained an AdBlue® license from the German Verband der Automonilindustrie (VDA) since February 2024. Achieving this license is one of their dreams that has come true to become the first Indonesian company to produce AdBlue® with international standards. A big step towards environment-based innovation.

AdBlue® is a diesel engine exhaust fluid made from synthetic urea and works with certain vehicle catalytic with Reduction Systems (SCR), which converts nitrogen oxide emissions into environmentally friendly nitrogen and water. AdBlue® is used to convert nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water through the use of synthetic urea. Exhaust gas, which serves as a reducing agent, is directly injected into it. The released ammonia reacts with the nitrogen oxides on the catalyst to form elemental nitrogen and water, which are natural components of air. Thus, nitrogen oxide emissions can be reduced. This is very important as a meaningful measure for cleaner air on earth.

Source: https://indonesia.jakartadaily.id/nasional/69311752552/genta-dan-rama-pegang-lisensi-adblue-bawa-teknologi-jerman-untuk-bersihkan-gas-buang-mesin-diesel-ke-indonesia