Historic Step: PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana Becomes the First VDA Licensed AdBlue® Producer in Indonesia

Feb 28, 2024

PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana, an Indonesia-based company, has achieved a milestone by becoming the first VDA-licensed AdBlue® producer in Indonesia. This achievement not only shows the company’s commitment to innovation and quality, but also makes a significant contribution to efforts to reduce diesel vehicle emissions in Indonesia.

AdBlue® is a solution containing urea, which is used as an ingredient to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. NOx is one of the main pollutants produced by diesel vehicles and can have a negative impact on air quality and human health. By using AdBlue®, the chemical reactions that occur in the SCR system help convert NOx into nitrogen and water, which is more environmentally friendly.

Having the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) license in the production of AdBlue® indicates that the product meets the stringent quality standards and technical specifications set by the global automotive industry. This gives consumers confidence that AdBlue® produced by PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana meets international quality standards and is safe for use in all diesel vehicles equipped with SCR technology.

To obtain a VDA license for AdBlue® production, PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana has taken a series of strategic steps and investments in infrastructure, technology and quality. The company also ensures that all VDA licensing requirements are met perfectly. Through continued dedication and commitment to quality and excellence, PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana has succeeded in achieving recognition as the first VDA licensed AdBlue® producer in Indonesia.

The presence of AdBlue® produced by PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana with a VDA license could have a significant positive impact on Indonesia. First, this strengthens the reputation of the Indonesian chemical industry in the global market by demonstrating its ability to produce high quality products that meet international standards.

Second, wider use of AdBlue® in diesel vehicles in Indonesia will help reduce NOx emissions, which in turn will improve air quality and public health. This is in line with the Indonesian government’s commitment to reducing air pollution and improving environmental quality.

Third, as the first and only VDA-licensed AdBlue® manufacturer in Indonesia, PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana provides encouragement for the development of the automotive and environmental industry in Indonesia, as well as providing an example for other companies to pursue high quality standards and innovation in the production of environmentally friendly fuels and lubricants.

Thus, this historic step not only reflects PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana’s achievements as a leading AdBlue® producer, but also makes a meaningful contribution to industry, the environment and Indonesian society as a whole.