The Journey of PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana as One of the Pioneer Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Manufacturing Companies

Feb 23, 2024

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The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) manufacturing industry has become a part of global efforts to reduce exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles. PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana has emerged as a pioneer that carries out an important mission in providing environmentally friendly solutions for the diesel vehicles industry. With a wide range of services and a focus on developing innovative technologies, Hasgara has set new standards in the DEF market.

PT Hasgara Cipta Gusana entered the market with a strong commitment to provide a wide range of after sales services and support that ensure best quality standards. Hasgara initially offers several kinds of coating services, sandblasting, and pipe wrapping. For the past 3 years, Hasgara have been developing a product as a solution for environmentally-friendly emission system. Hasgara provides high quality DEF solutions to the trucking industry (Commercial Vehicle). With the team and state-of-the-art production facilities, Hasgara provides DEF that meets international standards, making it a top choice for ATPM (Single Agent Brand Holder) and Manufacturer.

DEF, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid, is a liquid consisting of a mixture of urea and purified water used in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel vehicles. By spraying DEF into the exhaust gas, the chemical reaction that takes place helps convert NOx into nitrogen and water, which is much more environmentally friendly. Hasgara understands the importance of this technology in addressing air pollution issues, and with the determination to contribute to a cleaner environment, the company has invested substantial resources in the development and production of high-quality DEF.

In an era of increasingly stringent environmental regulations, DEF has become a vital component in the global effort to reduce exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles. By adopting SCR technology, transportation and logistics companies can meet the emission standards set by governments and regulatory bodies, while making a positive contribution to environmental preservation. The use of the SCR system has an impact on fuel efficiency, resulting in significant economic benefits for truck fleet owners.

Hasgara has adopted a progressive business strategy to expand market reach and increase industry penetration. With a focus on product innovation and service quality, the company continues to develop its product portfolio to meet evolving customer needs. In addition, Hasgara has forged strategic partnerships with local and international distributors and suppliers, expanding its footprint in the global market and strengthening its position as an industry leader.


With a clear vision to become a global leader in the DEF industry, Hasgara has high expectations for the future. The company is committed to continuously developing innovative technologies in DEF production, ensuring operational sustainability and positive environmental impact. With strong customer support and an unwavering focus on quality and excellence, Hasgara is confident that it will continue to be a major force in advancing the DEF industry and creating a greener future for all.